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Event Rules

  • All competitors must have a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence (you must present your license upon Registration) All Juniors under the age of 13 years do not require a license, Juniors aged 13 – 16 years require an E A License, this is free of charge and can be downloaded via the E A Fisheries website. If you have an annual permit for the Gloucester Canal please bring this with you and present at Registration.
  • Fishing Zones; The Zandermania Fishing Zone is from St Ann’s Way Bridge to the The Old Railway Bridge below Purton.
  • Both team members must fish together and must stay a minimum of 15 metres away from the nearest competing team.
  • Fishing is with lures only
  • Each Angler may only fish with one rod at a time (although they may carry as many rods as they wish)
  • Each Angler may only use one lure at a time (no multi-lure rigs)
  • All teams must photograph all fish caught on the fish measure provided (on an unhooking mat) and with their competitor’s card in the picture using a camera or phone that allows photos to be viewed. All pictures need to be taken with the Zander flat on the measure nose to the left and measured to the fork of the tail with the day card in view. All measurements rounded up to the nearest cm
  • Each pair must carry a minimum of 1 suitable unhooking mat and 1 net between them
  • All fishing must be conducted from the tow path ONLY, competitors may not fish from the other bank and must obey all No Fishing signs on the canal
  • The winners will be decided by which team catches the longest combined length of five Zander
  • Prizes awarded to the top teams plus longest Zander on the day.
  • No consumption of Alcohol during the match
  • The judge’s decision is final